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Meeting: 03/09/2019 - Cabinet (Item 16)


This report sets out the business case for the development of a crematorium and seeks support for the project.


Additional documents:


The subject of the decision:


This report set out the business case for the development of a crematorium and sought support for the project.


Alternative options considered:




The reason for the decision:


Cabinet was satisfied that the proposals for the development of a crematorium would provide a beneficial service which was not currently available within the District.




That Cabinet approves and recommends to Council that:-


(1)     the principle of providing a crematorium is approved;


(2)     that £250,000 is included in the capital programme to develop the project;


(3)     authority is delegated to the Chief Executive:


          (i)    to approve (in consultation with the Leader) the final design of the crematorium;


          (ii)   to submit a planning application for approval for the crematorium; and


          (iii)  following receipt of planning approval to tender for the services of a building contractor to construct the crematorium;


(4)     following the receipt of the building contract tenders, a report be submitted to Cabinet at the earliest opportunity setting out the:


          (i)    full costs of and the funding required to deliver the crematorium; and


          (ii)   options for operating the crematorium.