Agenda item

Cabinet Portfolio Statements


(a)     Councillor P R Wilkinson, Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Finance, wished to thank all officers for the delivery of all the Economic Development projects and schemes.  Councillor Wilkinson wished to thank the Leader for his strategic leadership and for making the District Council a business friendly authority, thus leaving a strong legacy.  The recent Business Awards highlighted what had been achieved as a team.  Projects included: Dalton Industrial Estate; Northallerton Prison Site (Treadmills); Northallerton Link Road; business engagement including delivery of grants; development and support of business groups; the Local Plan and the Heritage Hub.  Councillor Wilkinson also wished to acknowledge the support from the LEP.  Councillor Wilkinson concluded by saying that it had been a privilege and an honour to serve for the last 16 years and thanked officers and fellow Councillors.  It had been a real team effort.


(b)     Councillor P R Thompson, Portfolio Holder for Leisure made a statement regarding the Sports Village; Northallerton Sports Village; Leisure Centre upgrade at Stokesley; Wi-Fi in Bedale, Northallerton and Stokesley and the one year anniversary of the opening of the Maple Park Crematorium.  Councillor Thompson wished to thank all officers in the Leisure and Communities Team who had worked tirelessly to deliver excellent services in the award winning leisure facilities.  Councillor Thompson also wished to thank the Director of Leisure and Communities, Stephen Lister, for his support.  Councillor Thompson concluded by stating that it had been an honour and a pleasure to work with everyone and there was a legacy to be proud of.


(c)     Councillor Mrs I Sanderson, Portfolio Holder for Governance wished to thank all officers and Members for their support and hoped that she had ‘proved her worthiness to be called a Hambleton District Councillor and have served her residents’.  Councillor Sanderson stated that it had been a privilege and wished to thank all staff who had worked tirelessly to make the Authority function.


(d)     Councillor D A Webster, Portfolio Holder for Planning made a statement regarding the adoption of the Local Plan, which had passed through the period of judicial review without challenge.  No progress had been made on any Supplementary Planning Documents, and these would now be matters for the new Unitary Authority to take forward.  Staffing restructuring and recruitment was currently on hold pending Local Government Reorganisation.  With regard to Local Government Reorganisation and Devolution, senior posts had been filled.  Councillor Webster concluded by thanking all officers within the Planning Department who had helped make his job very much easier.  He also wished to thank fellow Members, especially those on Planning Committee.  Councillor Webster wished to thank the Leader, Councillor Robson, for giving him the opportunity to be on Cabinet.  A question was asked regarding the location and frequency of Planning meetings in the new Authority which was responded to at the meeting.


(e)     Councillor S Watson, Portfolio Holder for Environmental Health, Waste and Recycling wished to record his thanks to all Members and Officers for their continued support and efforts in delivering the Council’s services.  Councillor Watson stated that he had not received any complaints during his time as a Cabinet Member regarding the delivery of services, specifically Environmental Health and Waste and Street Scene, even through Covid, and wished to express sincere thanks for all the efforts by staff.  Councillor Watson also wished to thank Councillor Robson for enabling him to be on Cabinet and wished to thank all Members and Officers stating that it had been a pleasure to work with everyone.