Issue - decisions

Public Space Protection Order

13/01/2022 - Public Space Protection Order

The subject of the decision:


This report sought consideration of the findings and conclusions of a review of the Public Open Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) for the Leeming Bar Industrial Estate and surrounding area, and sought consideration whether to approve an extension or discharge of the Order.


Alternative options considered:




The reason for the decision:


Cabinet was satisfied that the approval to extend the Order would respond to the needs of the community and would result in the Council continuing to work with partners to make best use of its devolved powers for local decision making.  Cabinet was also satisfied that the extension of the Public Space Protection Order was necessary in order to help reduce crime and disorder (anti-social behaviour) and to support residents’ wellbeing.


The decision:


That Cabinet approves and recommends to Council that:-


(1)     the Public Space Protection Order at Leeming Bar Industrial Estate which is due to expire on 7 March 2022 is extended for a further 3-years from midnight on 7 March 2022 to midnight on 6 March 2025 (Appendix 9) of the report;


(2)     the approach to enforcement is changed to that highlighted in paragraph 2.9 (3)(Appendix 10 and 11) of the report, and


(3)     the revenue budget as set out in 5.1 of the report is established