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Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2021/22

02/12/2020 - Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2021/22

The subject of the decision:


This report sought approval to continue with the current design of the Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme which was introduced in April 2020; and increase the level of income, within the income bands, as shown in paragraph 1.4 of the report by the appropriate level of inflation measured by the Consumer Price Index at the 1 October 2020.


Alternative options considered:




The reason for the decision:


Each year the Council was required to review its Local Council Tax Reduction

Scheme in accordance with the requirements of Schedule 1A of the Local

Government Finance Act 1992 and to either maintain the scheme or replace it.


The decision:


That Cabinet approves and recommends to Council the current income banded Council Tax Reduction Scheme with no changes other than the increase of the income bands in line with CPI at 1 October 2020, is adopted from April 2021.