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Capital Strategy 2021/22

11/02/2021 - Capital Strategy 2021/22

The subject of the decision:


This report presented the Capital Strategy 2020/21 for consideration.  The purpose of the Capital Strategy was to give a clear and concise view of how a local authority determined its priorities for capital investment, set its risk appetite and decided how much it could afford to borrow.


Alternative options considered:




The reason for the decision:


The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) Prudential Code of Treasury Management Code required local authorities, in 2019/20, to produce a Capital Strategy to demonstrate that capital expenditure and investment decisions are taken in line with service objectives and take account of stewardship, value for money, prudence, sustainability and affordability.


The decision:


That Cabinet approves and recommends to Council the Capital Strategy 2021/22 attached at Annex A of the report.