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Making a Difference Grants 2021

13/04/2021 - Making a Difference Grants 2021

The subject of the decision:


This report sought approval to the allocations of the Making a Difference Grants Scheme.  In February 2021, the Financial Strategy 2021/22 to 2029/30 report was approved by Cabinet including within it the £250,000 allocation from the One-Off Fund to support the Council’s 2021/22 ‘Making a Difference’ grants scheme.


Alternative options considered:




The reason for the decision:


It was a legal responsibility upon the Council to ensure that this funding was only allocated to projects that met the terms and conditions of the grant scheme and to ensure that the funds were used for the purpose approved.


The decision:


That Cabinet approves:-


(1)    the grant allocations proposed in Annex A of the report; and


(2)    the carry forward of thirteen grants from 2020/21 into 2021/22 as proposed in paragraph 4.1 of the report.