Issue - decisions

Sowerby Sports Village

08/12/2021 - Sowerby Sports Village

The subject of the decision:


This report provided an update on the Sowerby Sports Village development and to presented options for delivering Phase 4 to construct a 3G artificial pitch with changing room provision and ancillary works including installation of services (water and electricity), hard and soft landscaping, external lighting and fixture and fittings.


Alternative options considered:




The reason for the decision:


The Sports Village is a key component part of the Sowerby Gateway scheme in enhancing the quality of lives of the residents of the locality as well as within the wider Thirsk area.


The decision:


That Cabinet approves and recommends to Council that:-


(1)       the Football Foundation grant award of £511,912 is accepted;


(2)       the construction of the 3g pitch, the changing rooms and the associated works and fees (referred to as Option 2) are approved and financed as highlighted in Table 5; and


(3)       the revenue costs are increased by £40,000 from 2022/23.