Register of interests

Councillor Isobel Sanderson

I, Councillor Isobel Sanderson hereby notify you of my interests (and those of my spouse, civil partner or person living with me as if a spouse or civil partner) as required by the Code of Member Conduct as follows:-

1. Please state your employment, office, trade, profession or vocation
Employment, office, trade, profession or vocation
2. Do you have any sponsorship in connection with duties as a Member?
Sponsorship in connection with duties as a Member
3. Do you have any contracts with the Council?
Contracts with the Council
HDC are employed by Hallikeld Ltd for control of vermin. The contracts are annual.
4. Do you have any land in the District?
Land in the District
As Attached Sheet: Hallikeld Farm DL6 2UF Westholme Farm YO7 3BP Willow Grange YO7 1JS Bruce House YO7 3BL Bridge Farm YO7 3AT South Lodge, Topcliffe Cromwell House, Morton-on-Swale Ardmore Farm, Hailstone Moor, Bullamoor, North Yorkshire
5. Do you have any Licenses to occupy land in the District?
Licensing to occupy land in the District
6. Do you have any Corporate tenancies?
Corporate Tenancies
7. Do you have any Securities (Shares) in a Body Owning Land in the District?
Securitities (Shares) in a Body owning land in the District
Hallikeld Ltd
Newlands (York) Ltd