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Verbal Statement of the Leader and Referrals from Cabinet

Date of Meeting                          Minute Nos


5 June 2018                                CA.1


3 July 2018                                 CA.9 – CA.16


The Leader made a statement to Council on the following matters:-


·         The late Mr Barry Dodd, CBE – the Leader paid tribute to the work Mr Barry Dodd, CBE had carried out in relation to his role as Chairman of the LEP and that Mr Dodd had supported many projects within the District through the Authority and further afield.  The District Council had been very fortunate to receive funding from the LEP for many projects.  A memorial service would be held on Friday, 20 July 2018 in York Minster in remembrance of Mr Barry Dodd, CBE.


·         Dalton Bridge – funding had been received from the LEP for this project which had now been completed and was fully open.  This would provide greater opportunities for lots of businesses within the District and further afield.


·         C4Di (Centre for Digital Innovation) – LEP funding of £1.8 million would be received to assist with this project on the new Treadmills site.


·         An additional meeting of Cabinet had been held regarding the possible acquisition of the former Lambert Hospital.  It was expected that, as and when the Minister signed off the purchase, there would be public meetings and Members’ seminars to provide further information on the way forward.


The Leader moved Cabinet minute CA.1 and CA.9 to CA.15, subject to

a minor typographical amendment to Cabinet minute CA.9, 2017/18 Capital and Treasury Management Outturn Position, recommendation (3) by replacing the words “from 2016/17 programme to 2017/18” with “from 2017/18 programme to 2018/19”.


The Leader moved an amendment to Cabinet minute CA.16, Treadmills Phase 1 - Commercial Opportunity, recommendation (1) (a) with the deletion of the words ‘subject to the outcome of the bidding process’.


The reasons for this amendment were outlined as follows:-


(1)     the company (Central Northallerton Development Company Limited) would give the Council the opportunity to make an offer and negotiate for Phase 1 of the Treadmills development before it went on the market;


(2)     this would give the Council the advantage of being able to negotiate with the company without any competition and could avoid the Council getting into a bidding war;


(3)     to ensure the Council achieved best value, two further independent valuations would be obtained (giving three in total) to provide confidence that the Council’s offer was at the right level;


(4)     if the Council’s offer was not accepted it would still have the opportunity to match the best bid received by the company, as a result of marketing the development, subject to the figures recommended by Cabinet in the confidential report; and


(5)     this change to the Cabinet recommendation therefore gave the Council two opportunities to purchase rather than one, before the bidding process started or after the bidding process had been completed.




That the reports, resolutions and recommendations of the following meetings of the Cabinet be received, approved and adopted:-



Date of Meeting

Minute Nos





5 June 2018



3 July 2018

CA.9 (as amended) – CA.16 (as amended)


Declaration of Interest


Councillor P R Wilkinson declared a personal non-pecuniary interest in relation to Cabinet Minute CA.16 as he is Chairman of the Central Northallerton Development Company Limited and he left the room prior to discussion and voting on the above item.


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