Issue - decisions

Policy Review - Recycling

12/02/2020 - Policy Review - Recycling

The subject of the decision:


This report presented the findings and recommendations of the Scrutiny Committee on the Policy Review on Recycling for consideration.


Alternative options considered:




The reason for the decision:


To take account of the recommendations of the Scrutiny Committee.


The Decision:




(1)     the current policies, namely the Waste Management Strategy 2016-25 and the Waste and Recycling Collection Policy April 2016 (revised in June 2018) remain fit for purpose and are achieving their objectives;


(2)     it be noted that the Council operates a very successful recycling scheme and that the residents of the District are proactively engaging with the Council’s processes;


(3)     should any progress be made on the inclusion of other non-recyclates such as plastic bags, food waste, black plastic trays, etc, this be monitored and the Council’s processes developed as necessary to take account of these changes;


(4)     promotion, publicity and education is an area that warranted continued monitoring and development where opportunities arose, such as educational visits within schools and the circulation of publicity material within community sectors; and


(5)     the information contained on the Council’s website, associated recycling literature and other media, be reviewed to ascertain whether the information could be simplified to assist residents to better understand the recycling scheme.