Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Public Open Space, Sport and Recreation Action Plans15/02/2019For Determination04/06/2019
Changes to the Housing Assistance Policy15/02/2019For Determination04/06/2019
Civil Penalties and Rent Repayment Orders15/02/2019For Determination04/06/2019
Changes to the Private Water Supply Regulations15/02/2019For Determination02/04/2019
Future High Street Fund05/02/2019For Determination12/03/2019
Scrutiny Report - Driving Economic Vitality, including Markets30/01/2019For Determination12/03/2019
Treadmills Phase 128/01/2019For Determination12/03/2019
Central Northallerton Improvement Works - Waiver of Procurement Rules28/01/2019For Determination12/03/2019
Management Plan for the Howardian Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty21/01/2019For Determination12/03/2019
Public Open Space, Sport and Recreation Action Plan10/12/2018For Determination02/04/2019
Making a Difference Grants31/10/2018For Determination12/03/2019
Local Plan Submission Document30/05/2017For Determination02/04/2019